Week 4 NFL Survivor Pick

Outside of the very first game of the season when the New England Patriots were beaten by the Kansas City Chiefs, there haven’t been a slew of huge upsets that spoiled survivor pools. Week 3, though, certainly provided one heck of a threat for those who backed the biggest favorites of the bunch.

Between the Green Bay Packers and the Patriots, there had to be a lot of sweating going on in survivor pools across the country. Both teams were trailing with less than 30 seconds to play to the Cincinnati Bengals and Houston Texans, respectively, yet both were able to rally behind their Hall of Fame quarterbacks to hold serve.

We elected to go with the Packers last week and were ultimately happy that we did. This week, we’re going to go with a bit of an unconventional pick just to avoid the obvious.

Playing Seattle against Indianapolis on Sunday Night Football is the trite thing to do. The Seahawks are easily the biggest favorites of the week at -13, and they’re playing against an Indy team that was just a dog to Cleveland.

But we’re a little cautious of the Seahawks at this point. They didn’t play well at all last week against the Tennessee Titans and were firmly outplayed. The team has scored a total of just 48 points in three games this year, and this defense doesn’t look nearly as powerful as usual.

For all of Jacoby Brissett’s flaws – and goodness knows there are plenty of them – at least he was able to move the ball up and down the field last week against Cleveland. Doing so in Seattle is going to be a far different task, of course, but we’ve seen stranger things happen. The Seahawks are going to be the most popular pick for survivor pools this week, and that’s why we’re going to put on our Colts hat and hope for the big upset to eliminate most of our competitors.

Instead, we’re going to take a big gulp, cover our nose and take the plunge on a road team for the first time this year.

Geez, do we hate putting the fate of our season on the back of Blake Bortles, on the road, fresh off of the best game of his career with travel back from London to Jacksonville to consider. But in order to win survivor pools, you have to take a few chances and hope to make out alright to keep the best teams alive on your board for as long as possible. We’re not all that sure how good the Seahawks are anyway, but if we’re still around in this come the week of Thanksgiving, an opportunity could arise to use Seattle against San Francisco.

There isn’t going to be a better spot for Jacksonville than this one against the New York Jets at Snoopy Stadium.

New York came up with a nice game plan against Miami last week. The Dolphins weren’t ready to have Jay Cutler open their offense up at all, and the Jets defense was able to pounce on that by stacking the box and playing tight coverage. What worked against Miami shouldn’t against Jacksonville, though.

Allen Hurns and Marqise Lee are both really good athletes who can jump over defensive backs and force problems vertically. If the Jets are forced into defending the whole field, it’s a wonder if they’re going to be up for this challenge.

The real key is on the other side of the ball, though. The Jets are still pathetic offensively, even after their 20-point mini explosion against Miami last week. There’s no way that a Jacksonville defense that is still vastly underrated in our eyes is going to let this offense run all over it.

Josh McCown’s wide receivers are among the worst in the NFL, and Jalen Ramsey and company should have a field day. Once the Jets fall behind, we can’t see a circumstance in which they could catch up.

The Jaguars have lost three straight games in which they’ve been favored, but that nasty streak ends on Sunday afternoon in what will ultimately turn out to be a relatively easy victory.

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