Week 14 NFL Survivor Pick

Four straight winners this deep into the NFL season isn’t an easy feat, but the Titans got us there when they held on to take care of the Texans in Week 13.

With four games left, we’re running out of possible teams to play in our NFL Survivor Games here at Contest General. In fact, there aren’t even all that many squads left on our board that are favored this weekend.

Logic suggests that our best selection remaining is Cincinnati over Chicago, but we’re not racing out to stick faith on a team that just got beat by the Steelers on Monday Night Football to effectively get eliminated from the playoffs.

It is with two fingers pinching our nose and a mighty deep breath that we present to you our Week 14 Survivor pick…

The Buffalo Bills.

Oy. We know. You don’t need to remind us of Nathan Peterman’s five-interception half against the Chargers or the fact that Tyrod Taylor’s patellar tendon blew up last week. We’re aware of all of it.

We also hate to admit that we were influenced by Tony Romo in our selection, but Romo did a nice job selling us last week when he talked about all of the anticipation throws that Peterman was making and the fact that his receivers weren’t doing anything to help him out.

Sean McDermott has to make this game plan easier for Peterman than he did a few weeks ago in Los Angeles. There are a few factors that are going to help the rookie from Pittsburgh out for sure, namely that he’s playing against one of the worst five teams in the NFL and is going to get a chance to play at home instead of clear across the country.

The Colts also have the worst pass defense in the NFL, allowing 271.6 yards per game in a schedule that hasn’t included Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Carson Wentz, etc. C.J. Beathard and Tom Savage had modest degrees of success against this Indianapolis defense. So why not Peterman?

The Bills know they have to have this game if they want to stay in the playoff chase in the AFC. They’re good enough to get the job done on the defensive side of the ball, and it’s worth remembering that the Colts haven’t scored more than 23 points in a game since October 8. It’s not going to take a world-beating performance for Peterman to put enough points on the board to win this game. In fact, if he can exploit Travaris Cadet and LeSean McCoy enough in the passing game and keep balls in front of the defense, Peterman could be downright respectable in this one.

Let’s not pretend like this is ideal, though. The Bengals aren’t inspiring to us, and there isn’t a single game on the board in Week 14 that features a spread over a touchdown outside of a New England team that is already off of everyone’s survivor board. This is merely the best choice among the bad ones that we have left to play with.

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