Week 10 NFL Survivor Pick

We deserve a pass last week for the Texans against Indianapolis. When our article was published, Deshaun Watson was already being anointed Offensive Rookie of the Year, and Houston was a two-touchdown favorite. By the time the game kicked off, Tom Savage was the only option the Texans had under center with Watson preparing for ACL surgery.

This week, we’re not spoiled for choice for our survivor picks. That said, we don’t exactly trust the Panthers and their one-dimensional offense against a team that has a solid rush defense, and we don’t have the Steelers left available after using them in Week 1.

Thus, the team that we picked last week is the one that we’re sort of forced to go after in Week 10.

Simply put, the Texans aren’t very good right now. Watson has proven that he’s the real deal while Savage has merely proven that he’s a stiff who is in his last season as a viable quarterback in this league barring more injuries to whatever team he lands on next.

Savage has thrown 149 career passes and has one touchdown. Watson, by comparison, threw 19 touchdowns in his first 204 throws before landing on IR. Is it possible that Watson is the most valuable player in the NFL right now? Maybe not when you look at what’s going on in Green Bay with Brett Hundley in place of Aaron Rodgers, but there aren’t many other names you’d consider at this point before Watson.

It’s also not helping Houston that it doesn’t have J.J. Watt or Whitney Mercilus. This defense has had some moments where it has looked imposing, but there is just too much time for quarterbacks to stand in the pocket and take pot shots down the field.

Jared Goff’s resurgence in his sophomore season has been remarkable. Last year, Goff averaged 5.31 yards per pass attempt and had more interceptions (seven) than touchdowns (five). His quarterback rating of 63.6 was one of the worst in the NFL among men who started at least five games.

This year, the story is completely different. Goff isn’t quite an MVP candidate at this point, but his 97.9 quarterback rating is as good of an improvement as you’ll find in NFL history. He’s thrown just 39 more passes this year than he did last season, yet he has nearly double the passing yards, eight more touchdowns and three fewer interceptions.

Amazingly, the Rams still lead the NFL in scoring at 32.9 points per game, and this doesn’t feel like a game that is going to change any of that.

It isn’t often that we suggest laying double-digits with any team in the NFL, but this is a case where we think there isn’t such a thing as a reasonable spread for the game. The Rams are the significantly greater of the two teams, especially with Savage under center. We’d never play L.A. in survivor with Watson out there, but Savage just doesn’t have anywhere near the same abilities as Houston’s top rookie.

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