Best NFL Picks for Week 14

Week 13 was certainly far from lucky for us. We posted the old bagel at 0-3, and frankly, we were never all that close to covering any of the three affairs. At 40 percent for the season, simple regression suggests that we’re due for a turnaround and some respectable fortune.

2017 NFL ATS Record

Week 1 Picks: 0-3-1 ATS
Week 2 Picks: 1-1-1 ATS
Week 3 Picks: 1-2 ATS
Week 4 Picks: 1-2 ATS
Week 5 Picks: 1-2 ATS
Week 6 Picks: 2-1 ATS
Week 7 Picks: 2-1 ATS
Week 8 Picks: 1-2 ATS
Week 9 Picks: 1-2 ATS
Week 10 Picks: 3-1 ATS
Week 11 Picks: 2-2 ATS
Week 12 Picks: 1-3 ATS
Week 13 Picks: 0-3 ATS
Overall NFL ATS Record: 16-24-2 ATS

Chicago Bears +6 at Cincinnati Bengals – The biggest question we have for the week: Are the Bengals going to successfully get off the mat? Cincinnati just played a grueling Monday Night Football game and lost Joe Mixon, Adam Jones and Vontaze Burfict to injuries. Jeremy Hill is already on IR, and the last thing Andy Dalton could afford was losing another one of his playmakers on offense. The chances of making the playoffs were effectively reduced to zero after the loss to the Steelers, and there isn’t much left to play for with Marvin Lewis almost surely getting the boot in another month. Into town comes a Chicago team that already has wins against the Ravens, Steelers and Panthers and has consistently at least managed to hang around in games. We’re not thrilled with the idea of Chicago’s rushing attack consistently trying to plow over Geno Atkins — good luck with that — but this is just as much a bet against the Bengals as it is on the Bears.

New York Giants +6 vs. Dallas Cowboys – There isn’t much to celebrate when you’re 2-10 and are playing some of the worst football in the NFL, but the Giants have reason to be motivated this week. Both Jerry Reese and Ben McAdoo were kicked to the curb, and the ridiculousness that was benching Eli Manning for Geno Smith last week in Oakland was outrageous. The players on the field don’t care about high draft picks, and Manning has never been the type of player who has flaked on his team. Manning, just like his brother before him, is a winner through and through, and you can bet that the whole city of New York is going to be rallying around him on Sunday. The icing on the cake? A win in this game, and the Cowboys’ season is essentially over. What could be a better early Christmas present for Giants fans than that?

Cleveland Browns +4 vs. Green Bay Packers – If not now, then when? The Packers have just barely hung in there with Aaron Rodgers on the mend with his broken collarbone, but with just one game left to play without him, they’re envisioning a dramatic comeback complete with a Wild Card berth to the playoffs. That said, in case you haven’t noticed, Green Bay isn’t very good. The Packers were pushed to overtime in a win over the Buccaneers at home in a game that featured Brett Hundley needing extra time to get to 80 passing yards on the day. Josh Gordon is back with the Browns, and he made this offense look downright respectable last week against the Chargers. Johnny Manziel was the last quarterback to win a game on a Sunday for the Browns. DeShone Kizer will eradicate that statement in Week 14.

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